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Help shape the future of
budding authors’ lives…

Use your voice to inspire business owners to become successful published authors, make a difference and connect them with an army of avid fans.


Get help from us every step of the way


Earn a minimum of 25% for each user who signs up for our courses, prodcuts and services with your unique referral link. 


If you have a question, you can get email support from our affiliate team. Send us a message via the contact form in the affiliate area.



Save time and money on content creation by linking to blogs, webinars, video tutorials, tools, and automated funnels developed by us for your audience.

The lowdown

Thank you for showing interest in our affiliate programme. Becoming an affiliate is free.  That said, there is a bit of work you need to do in order to start earning income from referrals.

We have everything you need to get going.  Simply sign up and we can get you approved in no time.

Then follow the clear instructions in your joining email and you can start promoting and earning.

But you have to put some work in.  There are lots of products out there that claim affiliate marketing is totally passive.  Simply join up and the cheques roll in. 🙂  

Sadly this is not the case, but we’ve got you!  You will get everything you need to get going and start earning. We treat our affiliates as part of the team.

Once approved, you have your own dashboard where you can manage all of your activity and see the referrals and sales you are making.

So what do you say? Interested?

Click here to apply for our our programme.

Browse our generous commission rates

We offer tiered payments based on your sale value (before sales tax). Your tier is reset each month.

  • 25% – up to £500
  • 30% – up to £1000
  • 35% – up to £1500
  • 50% – up to £2000

There is a flat rate for live events and masterminds, depending on the overheads for running the event. 


How to partner with us 

Get started

If your audience is looking to launch a business, migrate an existing store from another platform, or monetize hobbies with commerce, we encourage you to apply for the Let’s Tell Your Story Affiliate programme.

Next steps

Our team will carefully review your application. If approved, you’ll receive access to education, support, tracking, reporting, payments, and your unique affiliate link to track each referral.

Why us

We are committed to the success of our affiliates. Our affiliate program offers industry-leading commission, support, and resources, and is free to join with no monthly charges and no minimum sales requirements.

Affiliate Programme FAQs

What am I promoting?

You are promoting my range of digital book courses, products and services for budding authors who want to write a business book.

What can I earn?

You will earn 25% per sale as a starting rate. These commissions are paid on  monthly basis.

Do you offer tiered commission rates?

Yes! We offer tiered payments based on your sale value. Your tier is reset each month.

25% – up to £100
30% – up to £200
35% – up to £500
50% – up to £1000

How are sales tracked?

We use Learndash to run the courses, and Woo Commerce to run the digital download store and they have an affiliate tracking platform built in called AffiliateWP – to create your links and also provide real-time tracking on your promotions.  This means you can see how effective your marketing efforts are.

This is a useful tool as it will show you what is working so you can do more of it.

Can I see what traffic I have sent?

Yes, AffiliateWP will show you all the traffic you have sent and if you are using Sub IDs and specific links it will show you all of those visitors too. 

When are payments made?
We make payments on the 1st day of each month. This will be based on products sold 60 days before.  This allows for cancellations and clawbacks.  Affiliates need to have a minimum balance of £100 in commission for a payment to be made in that month’s run.
How are payment made?
We make affiliate payments via Paypal.
Can you help me get my links set up?
Yes we have a dedicated affiliate manager who can help you with your links but we ask that initially you look at the guides in this affiliate marketing centre to get you start and refer to your joining email.

So don’t worry we are not leaving you to get on with it alone. We understand for some people affiliate marketing is new.

Let’s Help More Business Owners Write Brilliant Books!

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